July 2016 The Changing Seasons

Celebrating God’s Artwork
As I sit and type (on July 14, 2016), it is precisely one year ago that the New Horizons spacecraft hurtled past the place most of us have known for most of our lives as the planet Pluto. (Astronomers demoted it to “dwarf planet” a few years ago, but it’ll always be a planet to me.)
We reached out across many miles and many years to obtain this close-up (albeit brief) look at tiny Pluto and its moons. The spacecraft has spent most of the past year sending back the pictures and other data that it gathered, even as it heads out into the depths of space for yet another encounter with an 18-mile-wide chunk of rock known as 2014 MU69. As we look at the pictures coming back from Pluto, we marvel all over again at how God pays attention to the details.
Look at the surface of Pluto or of its largest moon, Charon, and you see God’s handiwork in a place that until now has remained isolated and alone in space for over 4 billion years.
The good Lord paints on a broad canvas. And we discover that in that far-away corner of the solar system, the painting is no less rich in detail – no less beautiful – than it is on a Pennsylvania hillside.
If God takes the time to attend to those details in that far away place that has remained unseen by human eyes and untouched by human hands over countless millennia, why would you think that he doesn’t attend to you and to the portion of his canvas where your life resides?
Scripture reports that not even a sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing about it. Even the hairs on your head (if you're fortunate enough to have hair) are numbered because God is keeping count. (Matthew 10:29-31)
You and I are part of the painting, too. God holds the paint brush. He contemplates your life, and he creates something beautiful.
May the handiwork of God the Artist shape your life today. May you celebrate God’s creation and take joy in your place within it.
– Pastor Charlie